Simple 2 weeks’ Notice: Wrapping Things Up Professionally

When notifying an employer of an official resignation, the most common letter is a simple two-week notice resignation letter. Giving your employer Simple 2 weeks’ notice is standard practice because it gives them enough time to find a suitable replacement while keeping your position open during the hiring process.

You may find that after giving your notice, your employer requests that you leave immediately, denying you the two weeks to continue working. As a result, before giving your notice, make sure that your finances are in order so that you are not in a bind if you leave early.

Simple 2 weeks’ Notice Letter

A simple 2 weeks’ notice letter is essentially the same thing as a resignation letter. However, it is more professional-sounding than “quit letter” and “job leaving letter. This letter announces your intent to resign from the company and says you will remain in your position for another 2 weeks’ before leaving. 2 weeks’ is the standard amount of time from when you announce you’re leaving to your last day at your job.

Regardless of the type and size of the organization you’re working for, submitting a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice letter is standard practice. It is the professional thing to do. Providing a notice will help you avoid burning bridges by remaining in the good graces of your manager and the organization.

 A resignation letter also provides your employer with time to develop a plan to support your transfer process and find your successor.

Before you provide your notice in writing, communicate your intent to leave verbally with your supervisor first. Then, follow up with your resignation letter per the organization’s policy and guidelines. It’s also a good gesture to let your colleagues know of your intent to leave once you’ve shared it with your manager verbally and in writing.

How to Write

Whether the separation is for good or bad reasons, it’s best to always remain cordial and polite when resigning from a position. When quitting, the employer may not act in a positive manner. The quitting individual should remain calm and try to offer their services to train any replacement during the notice period.

Stay Professional

It might be tempting to gush, settle scores, or otherwise write something informal. However, the best is stick to the script. It is fine to express gratitude and share basic details about future plans. Otherwise, resist the urge to make this letter anything more than a notification of departure. The Resignation Letter is not an appropriate venue for expressing frustrations.

State reasons for Resignation

Without going into too much detail, explain the reasons for leaving. Whether it has to do with workplace issues, pay, benefits, or other facets of the current job. It can be a family issue or other logistical matter forcing you to move. It can be for a better opportunity.

Work Two More Weeks’

Stick to the plan set out in the letter. Working through the end of the two-week notice period will help to ensure a hassle-free transfer process and preserve relationships with current coworkers.

End on Good Terms

Ending on good terms is both the right thing to do and a good practice. Leaving a job is as normal as beginning one. It is a natural part of the working cycle. it does not have to be tense or fractious. In the best case, current coworkers might serve as future references or professional contacts. It’s a small world, so try not to burn any bridges.

Simple 2 Weeks’ Notice Sample

Like any business correspondence, resignation letters include some basic foundational information:

  • Include a greeting
  • Announcement of reason to leave and official last day
  • Handoff and transfer process discussion
  • Show gratitude
  • Closing and personal contact information
  • Proofread before sending

Include a Greeting

Address your supervisor directly in your 2 weeks’ notice. It is because they are the ones who will be most affected by your resignation.

Dear [Manager name],

Briefly Explain Why You’re Resigning

It is a good idea to provide some sort of reason without giving away too much detail. State whether you’ve accepted a new job offer or are looking to spend some time away from the workforce altogether.

I recently received a job offer from a startup tech company and I have decided to move forward with this offer.

Specify your Last Day

The most important part of a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice is the specification of your final day at the job. This allows your employer time to notify Human Resources and allocate financial assets such as retirement benefits.

My last day at [company] will be Friday, August 1.

Show Gratitude to your Employer

It is important to earn a future recommendation from a previous employer. It provides new opportunity and usually involves a relationship that shows mutual respect. Expressing your appreciation for the opportunity is an important step in your letter.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort your team has invested in helping me grow my skills as a software engineer.

Handoff and Transition

To remain professional, you want to offer to support the transition and handoff of duties and responsibilities before your last day.

During my final days with the organization, please let me know how I can best support the transition, including handing off duties and responsibilities and training to a successor.

Closing and Personal Contact Information

Lastly, provide your final words and personal contact information.

It would be great to remain in touch. My personal cell phone number and email address are [your phone number and email address].

I wish you, the team, and the organization continued success.


[Your Name]

 Proofread before Sending

This goes without saying, but proofreading your letter before sending it to your supervisor. It shows that you made a tactful decision to resign and you have excellent written communication skills. It will be useful if they want to refer you to a position in the future.

Simple 2 Weeks’ Notice Format

While writing a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice, one must keep some small things in mind. The letter should be simple, concise and to the point. There is no need to cloud with unnecessary information. This may later lead to unnecessary confusion. Use a business letter format to write the notice. It will help to maintain professionalism. The only thing your employer needs to know officially is when your last date will be.

Clarity is needed in all resignation letters, and it is best to avoid mentioning anything negative about your employer or coworkers. A two-week notice is more than just a piece of paper. It establishes the tone for your future interactions with the company. So it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to ensure that your two-week notice letter is flawless. Creating a solid 2 weeks’ notice begins with investing in a process that can save you a lot of time and trouble.


A typical header for a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice resignation letter should include your contact information, the date, and the contact information of the addressee.


[Supervisor or Manager name]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]


The body of your letter will need to state the final date in which you’re able to work. Depending on your situation, you might also like to include some details of the factors that lead to your decision to leave. It is also common, but not required, to thank your employer for the job opportunity. It helps you to leave on a generally positive note.

Dear [Manager name],

This letter serves as 2 weeks’ Notice of my resignation from [company name]. My final day as a [job position] will be [last day of work]

This decision has not been easy as I [reason for resignation].

It has been a pleasure to work with [company name] and I appreciate the time and effort my team has given me in this role in order to improve my skills and experience. This position has allowed me to develop skills that I am positive will translate into my next role.

I will continue to provide support to [company name] and my colleagues until my final day. If there is anything else I can do to make sure this transfer process goes smoothly, please do not hesitate to let me know. My contact information is provided above if you have any questions.


[Your signature]

[Printed name]

[Contact information]

Delivering the Letter

You should hand your 2 weeks’ notice letter personally to the upper management. However, it can be sent through email also. It does not matter how you deliver the letter. You should do it as professionally as possible. It is to ensure a positive reference.

 When providing a hard copy or a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice letter or attaching it to an email, include your contact information, the date, company name, and address at the top. Because it is like any other formal business letter.

However, if you send your notice by email, remove your contact information, the date, and company information from the top of the version described above. Begin your letter with the greeting and include a clear subject line, instead. Also include your contact information with your signature at the bottom of the email.

Simple 2 Weeks’ Notice Example

Example #1— Hard Copy

Ms. Kelly Smith

123 Audra Drive

Morgantown, WV 26505

March 1, 2022

Attention: Marion Driver

ABC Company

555 Belington Road

Morgantown, WV 26501

Dear Marion,

This letter serves as my official 2 weeks’ notice for my resignation from my position as Senior Engineer here at ABC Company. My final day of work will be March 15, 2022.

Over the last six years, I’ve had the opportunity to advance my career with the company. Thank you for creating a work environment and team in which I could grow and thrive.

I am available to help with the change so that my duties and responsibilities can continue. Of course, I will train my permanent or interim successor and transfer processes to ensure business continuity.

My contact information is provided above if you have any questions.

I wish you and the company all the best.

Respectfully Yours,


Kelly Smith

Example #2— Email Letter

 Email Subject: Resignation – Jim Adams

Dear Frank,

The purpose of this letter is to provide my resignation notice from my position here at Work for Truth. My final day will be two weeks from today, on March 30, 2022.

Thank you for the business opportunities provided to me over the past 10 years. I have enjoyed working with an amazing group of coworkers. In my time with Work for Truth, we have completed [examples of projects, systems, and processes implemented] to support the organization’s continued growth. I will carry my experiences and learnings forward throughout my career.

Please let me know what I can do to successfully support the transfer process, including training my successor and transitioning duties and responsibilities.

I would love to remain in touch. My contact information is below.

I wish you and the company here at Work for Truth all the best.


Jim Adams


[email protected]

Simple 2 weeks’ Notice Template

A Simple 2 weeks’ Notice letter is a formal statement of your plan to resign two weeks from the day you submit it. However, two weeks is the standard resignation time frame in many countries. It is applicable if you’re writing a resignation letter for career-specific or life-related reasons. Therefore, the type of resignation letter you need to write depends on your situation. There are 4 Simple 2 weeks’ Notice templates that fit any resignation circumstances:

  1. Simple 2 weeks’ Notice letter template
  2. Professional 2 weeks’ Notice letter template
  3. Formal 2 weeks’ Notice letter template
  4. 2 weeks’ Notice email template

Simple Notice letter Template

You don’t need to write a lengthy essay about why you’re leaving your company. Your letter of resignation is an official notice to get the process started. Therefore, you only need to include basic information. A simple letter is ideal when you:

  • aren’t too familiar with your manager
  • want to use a neutral tone
  • don’t feel a need to include a reason in your letter

Professional Notice letter Template

A professional resignation letter shows respect to your employer when you decide to leave your company. The letter clearly communicates when you’ll leave and thanks your manager for the opportunities they gave you.

Formal Notice letter Template

Write your letter according to your situation. Write a formal resignation letter if you work in an environment that values formality and professionalism, or if you are formal with your manager and want to show respect.

Notice email Template

It is always recommended to submit a hard copy of your Simple 2 weeks’ Notice letter. But a resignation email is also acceptable. If you work from a distance or have always communicated with your manager via email. A Simple 2 weeks’ Notice email only needs two things. These are your manager’s email and a clear subject line. It can be written as a “Letter of Resignation,” followed by your name and your exit date and reasons.


  1. What is a 2 week notice letter?

A two-week notice letter is a type of resignation letter that is used to tell an employer that you will leave their company within 14 days. Most companies require employees to give 2 weeks’ notice at the very least to terminate their employment contract with the business.

  1. How do you write a 2 week notice for a job?

Start with your recipient’s name and address. State your decision, and inform your recipient of the relevant dates. Provide a brief reason for why you are resigning. Express gratitude for your experience with the company. Wrap it up, and hand it in person.

  • Is it unprofessional to write a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice?

It’s common for many workers to provide their employers with Simple 2 weeks’ Notice before quitting a job, so many people believe that doing so is legally required. It’s not. No state or law requires you to notify your boss two weeks before leaving your job.

  • Can You Use Vacation Time for a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice?

In General, It’s not uncommon to have a rule that says employees can’t use vacation time during their final weeks after giving notice. The idea is that employers don’t want someone to give two weeks’ notice and then take most of that time off. They want them at work wrapping up their projects.

  • Should I give my Simple 2 weeks’ Notice on a Friday or Monday?

Monday and Friday Are the Best Days to Give a Simple 2 weeks’ Notice. However, if you are on good terms with your company and your employer, hand in your Simple 2 weeks’ Notice on a Monday. It is because then Friday will be your last day.