Antecubital Fossa: Definition & Anatomy

What Is a Fossa?

The quality area to begin exploring the antecubital fossa is through searching on the time period itself. So what’s a fossa anyway? Well, the time period fossa comes from the Latin time period for a ditch or a trench. Now, I comprehend it’d appear quite extraordinary to have an anatomical time period for a ditch or a trench, but, while you consider it, each a ditch and a trench are actually simply phrases for a shallow despair, that’s what a health practitioner or a scientist way after they confer with some thing as a fossa; it is a shallow despair.

Okay, so now we understand what a fossa is. What does antecubital mean? Well, to recognize this, we actually need to discover the ‘in which’ in preference to the ‘what’ of this anatomical time period.

Where Is the Antecubital Fossa?

Okay, so in which is the antecubital fossa? Well, humorous enough, the solution to that query is without a doubt within side the call itself. The antecubital fossa is the shallow despair position earlier in different words. In the front of, the median cubital vein of your arm.

The time period makes a lot greater feel while you decode its that means, right?

Now you’ll be pronouncing to yourself, Okay, so then in which is the median cubital vein? Well, it is the vein that pops out of the interior of your elbow while you make a fist.

It joins the 2 longest vessels jogging up. The duration of your arm referred to as the cephalic vein and the basilic vein. The basilic and cephalic veins are, just like the median cubital vein. Additionally superficial veins whose cause is to empty the deoxygenated blood out of your arms and fingers.

It returned in the direction of your heart. These veins are without a doubt positioned in competition to at least one another. That means that, even as the basilic vein runs up the bottom of your forearm and the bottom of your arm. The cephalic vein runs up the pinnacle of your forearm and the outer aspect of your arm.

Few more details

Specifically, the antecubital fossa exists within side the triangular location created through stop of the numerus and muscle groups that create a triangle as they connect from the numerus to the wrist. These muscle groups are the brachioradial is and the pronator trees muscle groups. The brachioradial is is highlighted within side the following image. The antecubital fossa is bounded at the pinnacle through the skin and numerous veins and nerves, even as it’s far bounded on the lowest through greater muscle groups.

The antecubital fossa homes numerous vital systems. The radial nerve passes at the identical aspect of the arm because the radius. The radial nerve elements a few of the muscle groups of the arm. The median nerve additionally passes via the antecubital fossa, and keeps directly to innervate a great deal of the hand. Part of the shape that paperwork the antecubital fossa is the biceps brachii tendon, which connects the biceps to bone.

Lastly, the brachial artery elements blood to a great deal of the arm, and frequently divides within side the antecubital fossa to come to be the radial and ulnar arteries. The antecubital fossa may approximate from those systems within side the following image.

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